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Fortis AD525 - Crack Fix

Fortis AD525 - Crack Fix

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FORTIS AD525 is used to fill interior random cracks, control joints or new construction joints on horizontal concrete surfaces. AD525 is designed specifically for industrial floor applications receiving heavy vehicle traffic, such as a forklift or steel-wheeled trolleys. AD525 is flexible, accommodating small slab movement yet strong enough to protect the vertical edges of concrete from spalling under extreme loading. FORTIS AD525 is recommended for repair of cracks, damaged control joints or new construction joints in cold storage facilities, freezers, and food processing plants where time and temperature are serious concerns.

  • 100% Solids
  • Meets VOC Regulations
  • Remains Flexible in Cold Temperatures
  • Return to Service in 60 minutes
  • Odorless
  • No Toxic Vapors
  • Resists Jet Fuel
  • Conforms to ACI 302.1R (4.10-Joint Materials)

See more information and datasheets for Fortis AD525 on the Fortis website.

Cartridge gun sold separately here.

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